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Haitian Recipe: Blanc-manger coco

I made a delicious blanc-manger coco when Mother visited for Christmas last year, and I thought I’d share the recipe. I learned to make the dessert in Port-au-Prince, but it’s also very popular in other French Caribbean countries such as Guadeloupe and Martinique. I found some pics on the Internet and posted them below because I…


Nayeli Fanfan: The Art of Being a Diva

Modern chic. Sophisticated classic. Fashion model Nayeli Fanfan is a total babe! Born and raised in Port-au-Price, Haiti, Nayeli started modeling in her teens. She was crowned Miss Inter-College in 2000, Miss Florida in 2003, and also won First Place at the Miss Haiti International pageant in Paris, France, in 2004. She is now the…

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VH McKenzie: The Night Shift

Check out the original paintings used for the covers of my two French-language books, Thalassophobie and Les Hommes en Rouge. The paintings (and the books) are featured on the artist’s blog, The Night Shift (Painting Every Day. After Dark.) VH McKenzie lives in the East Village of New York City.    


The Wee Hours, by Diane Allerdyce

They say that in 1803 all Haitian roosters lost their ability to tell time—or at least to admit they knew how—when Toussaint L’Ouverture was betrayed at the hands of one of his own. It was the beginning of a new day, a new era, for Haiti. But as if to cry out against the coming…


Fayola Nicaisse: The Art of Beautiful

Fayola Nicaisse is a business woman and a bit of a philanthropist. She is the creator of Ebene, a truly natural line of products made with ingredients in their purest form–no need to get a dictionary when reading the labels. Fayola puts her heart and soul into every formula. In fact, each product has a…


Rebecca Cook’s Romance

Rebecca Cook was a Margaret Bridgman Scholar in Fiction at the 2009 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference. She has published poetry and prose in many literary journals, and has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Rebecca contributed to All That Glitters,  a nonfiction collection edited by Corey Ginsberg, Nicholas Garnett, and M.J. Fievre. After a VIP sale at Lip Service,…