Tim Palmer screams at the world, whispers in your ear

Tim Palmer a cool dude. His bold and intricate images reflect both skillful execution and a balance of traditional and innovative techniques. If you were to ask Palmer to give you an artist statement, he would probably look puzzled. “My artwork is my statement,” says Palmer, who likes to think of himself as simply an observer and a creator. “It’s my scream, my whisper, my story. It is me.” Lately he’s been working primarily with acrylic on canvas. He finds inspiration everywhere, although his work mostly translates his love for tattoo art.  “I’ve just always loved its use of color, design, placement, and live quality,” he explains. Palmer…


Suzana de Paola: The world is my playground

Her art is meant to impact, often emerging from controversial ideas and from true concepts that cannot always be put in words. Born in Sao Paulo, Suzana de Paola has lived in Brazil, Europe and the United States. At 8, she was already aware of her artistic penchant, winning an art competition at her school in Illinois. Encouraged by her parents, she went on a quest to discover her unique style, a goal she reached in 2000 after attending art classes in Italy. The artist describes her art education as more “street” than technical. Never having attended professional classes, she’s been the ultimate autodidact, learning by practice, analyzing…

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