Caron Calvo: When Art Meets Humor

Caron Calvo is a visual artist and graphic designer who currently lives in South Florida; she specializes in abstract art and visual communication. “I’ve loved art since I was a little girl,” says Calvo. “I used my first computer in middle school. Later, when I grasped the idea that I could combine computer and art, that realization rocked my world!” During her art education at Florida Atlantic University, she enjoyed her teachers’ guidance while learning to master basic skills and using the different computer programs available to artists. Calvo, however, has learned most of her craft outside of school. “It’s kind of how it works,” she comments. Her…


Haiti Noir at MOCA

Edwidge Danticat is joined Saturday at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in North Miami for a reading and discussion with contributing writers M.J. Fievre and Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel on Saturday, January 22. The event is presented in collaboration with MOCA and Project Medishare. Haiti Noir is an original anthology featuring new stories by Danticat and others, set both before and after Haiti’s devastating earthquake. The inimitable Danticat, one of the truly great contemporary writers, brings her talents as an editor to Haiti Noir, a timely volume featuring stories set both before and after the devastating earthquake.


Haiti Noir: “The Rainbow’s End”

M.J. contributed to Haiti Noir. “What we do care about are adolescents flirting with disaster, and hovering between the line of fun and danger, much like many of us have in the past. M.J. Fievre’s The Rainbow’s End captures the high stemming from a teenager’s defiance and the suspense comes from wondering what will Ben’s cold eyes and leery lips reveal next as he seductively steers Magda and Nelly away from common sense.” Haiti Noir review on Hip Magazine

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