Jessica Fièvre: An Interview with the Novelist

Check out my interview on Kreyolicious! (2012)

Here’s an excerpt:

With her perky smile and well-carved face, Michèle Jessica Fièvre might easily be taken for a model on the streets of Miami, but no, she writes novels.

Fièvre, who was born in the 1980s in Haiti, carved a little niche for herself in the mystery and horror novel genre. She became one of the youngest people ever to be published in Haiti, next to the 20th Century poet Carl Brouard, and the youngest to have published a novel. Her last name Fièvre means ‘fever’ in English, and she—through her writings—seems bent on giving her readers one, albeit a high one! Obsessed with macabre, mystery-filled subplots, her prose can haunt you even after you’ve flipped closed one of her books.

In addition to half a dozen novels published since her 1997 debut, Fièvre’s work has appeared in magazines, and more recently in Haiti Noir, an anthology of stories about Haiti. Although still at the apogee of her career, the novelist is highly interested in keeping the young Haitian literary movement going, having been the co-founder or founder of two important literary initiatives to encourage writing and help flourish the Haitian literary tradition.

From Jessica Fièvre: An Interview with the Novelist