Writing tips from accomplished Haitian writers and poets

Last year, I asked various Haitian literary masters for some tips about writing. Now I’m sharing their secrets with you. KEEP A NOTEBOOK The absolute best writing practice for me is to keep a notebook at all times. Writing does not end when I turn off my computer. Plotting, character development, and dialogue—all happen throughout the course of the day… and night. So when I get an idea I immediately write it down, which in turn motivates me to write. This has really helped me overcome writer’s block. Ibi Aanu Zoboi I like journaling whether early in the morning or in the evening. Mahalia Solages When you’re down…


So Spoke the Earth: Interviews in Haiti

Promoting So Spoke the Earth (“Ainsi parla la terre“) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The anthology will be released August 31. So Spoke the Earth is a multilingual anthology of literature about Haiti that explores its past, present and future as experienced by its diverse inhabitants—both native and non-native—over the past four decades. Featuring the accounts of both Haitian and non-Haitian writers and their attempts to grapple with the impact left on them by their personal experiences with the island-nation, the anthology presents each work in its original language: English, French and Haitian-Creole. Through various narratives and poems, the literary legacy and unique history of the island are highlighted in…

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