Sean Kenniff & Esther Martinez on their 5 (+1) Favorite Books

Sean Kenniff is a polymath. Neurologist, journalist, amateur painter, conspiracy theorist and reality star, he is also the author of Stop Effing Yourself and of the novella, Etre the Cow. Esther Martinez is a bibliophile, francophile, logophile. Her nonfiction and poetry have appeared in The Daily Beast, Newsday, and the Columbia Observer, among others. She co-produces the storytelling series, Lip Service: True Stories Out Loud. Sean and Esther met at a charity event for City of Hope in 2002. During their courtship, they read passages to one another from books they loved. They’ve been sharing their lives, and their books, ever since. The couple married in April of 2012 and are producing their…


Annick Duvivier’s Search for Beauty

Young and talented Haitian artist Annick Duvivier describes herself as having a passion for life and a deep dedication to the arts. In a constant search for beauty, the artist is open to new ideas, along with opportunities to express herself and share her vision of the world. I met Annick during my most recent trip to Port-au-Prince and was mesmerized by her work on display at Festival Arts Haiti. I purchased the fabulous nude paintings “Entre deux amis inséparables” and “Le problème.” MJ: How did you become an artist?  ANNICK: During my teenage years, in order to keep me active in the summer, my parents enrolled me in…

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