M.J. on The Working Poet Radio Show

Check out episode three of The Working Poet Radio Show featuring Michele Jessica Fievre. Listen to M.J. — the editor of Sliver of Stone and a writer featured in Haiti Noir — discuss growing up in Haiti, work, and publishing. With host Joe Lapin. http://josephalapin.com/the-working-poet-radio-show/


Joseph A. Lapin is a journalist, author, and poet living in Los Angeles, California. He is a contributing writer at the LA Weekly, and his work has appeared in SalonThe Rattling WallPacific StandardOC WeeklySliver of Stone MagazineThe Village VoiceThe Middle Gray, and Literary Orphans. He blogs at josephalapin.com, and his twitter handle is @josephalapin. Originally, he’s from Clinton, Massachusetts.

Joe is the host of The Working Poet, “dedicated to bringing to the ‘pixelated’ air waves poets who deserve to be heard. [The radio show] explore everything under the sun: sports, literature, politics, music, social media, and, of course, the intersection of poetry and work.”

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