The World Crashes All the Time, by Kent Annan

Three weeks after the earthquake, Enel and I are both amazed he’s alive as we step through the sharp smell of decaying bodies coming up from under the rubble of his university. [He had been inside the university building when the earthquake shook and the building collapsed.] Rebars are twisted like flimsy spaghetti. Textbooks, emblems of a promising future, are strewn across the rubble, unclaimed by either the dead or the narrowly escaped. They’re emblems now of crushed dreams. We walk past a charred skull. Bodies that were close enough to the surface to find but too buried to extract had to be burned. Gasoline was poured down…


“All That Glitters” at the Tucson Festival of Books

On March 15-16, “All That Glitters” went to the Tucson Festival of Books! The anthology was available for sale at the Author Pavilion, at the booth of contributor Tabitha Blankenbiller. Tabitha is an essayist and graduate of the Pacific University MFA program whose work has appeared in journals including Barrelhouse, Hobart, and Brevity. She is a regular contributor at PDXX Collective and Spectrum Culture, and her memoir-in-essays, “Paper Bag,” is forthcoming.


Vona/Voices and Dismantle Launch Party at AWP

Dismantle: An Anthology of Writing from the VONA/Voices Writing Workshop “VONA has been an astonishingly rich source of great talent and brilliant work. This anthology bursts from that deep well. It is essential work from important writers.” –Luis Alberto Urrea, author of Into the Beautiful North, The Devil’s Highway, The Hummingbird’s Daughter and other books. The first ever VONA/Voices anthology, Dismantle, includes creative work from established and new authors who have either taught at VONA, or are alumni of the program. Over 55 prose and poetry writers are included in an attempt to capture the range of VONA voices. Keeping with the community spirit of VONA, work from Pulitzer Prize and…

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