Nayeli Fanfan: The Art of Being a Diva

Modern chic. Sophisticated classic. Fashion model Nayeli Fanfan is a total babe! Born and raised in Port-au-Price, Haiti, Nayeli started modeling in her teens. She was crowned Miss Inter-College in 2000, Miss Florida in 2003, and also won First Place at the Miss Haiti International pageant in Paris, France, in 2004. She is now the owner of the Caribbean Dance Team and an active member of HANNA, the Haitian American Nurse Association. Yup, Nayeli is beauty AND brains—a real diva! How does she do it? INTERVIEW WITH NAYELI FANFAN Nayeli, how did you start modeling?  As I was growing up in Port-au-Prince, people who met me often commented…

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