Adieu, February! (A recap)

Adieu, February!

Together, we paid A Tribute to Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee, “not because they are gone but because their work and words will live on forever.” (Suze Guillaume)

Fans of both flash fiction and the noir genre welcomed A Father First, a gripping tale by Hector Duarte Jr.

An Angel on the Other Side of the Border, a story by Marylin Laurent, brought us a moving and authentic perspective on the deep-rooted tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Jerry Ambroise said it best: “I thought [this story] to be as nuanced as reality is. The truth is never black or white. It’s those who see the world in black and white who destroy it. I also thought it to be as beautiful as a painting of contrasting colors, gradations, and shades of gray.”

We were riveted by author Katia D. Ulysse as she read “Take a Picture, and we celebrated the fact that one of our publishers, One Moore Book, became a member of the Children’s Book Council.

Oh, February! We certainly didn’t forget our sweet tooth as we learned the traditional brownie recipe from Milena Gigliotti’s Chocolate Temptation.

Adieu, February! Until next year!