Radio talk, Ms. May, and Hiatus

On The Whimsical Project, May was all about art, literature, and Haiti.

I hope that you enjoyed the stories and poems by Katia D. Ulysse, Tammy L. Tillotson, Patricia Biela, and France-Luce Benson, and that you were also delighted by the art of Pascale Doxy.

Ms.May, where have you gone?

I was going to say, “Stay tuned in June!” but turns out I’m going on a hiatus. I want to focus on my new novel this summer. I’m off Facebook and off TWP. I’m not even answering emails. Completely off the grid!

I’ll be on the radio tomorrow, though. If you happen to speak Haitian Creole, talk-show host Eustache Fleurant will interview me on WSRF 1580am, at 5 o’clock PM. You can also listen online at or on the phone by dialing 213-493-0135 or 832-225-5323. Tune in on Friday?