A Sky the Color of Chaos: A Memoir

M.J. is the author of A Sky the Color of Chaos. (Order an autographed copy here!) A Sky the Color of Chaos chronicles M.J.’s childhood during the turbulent rise and fall of Haiti’s President-Priest, Jean-Bertrand Aristide – a time of nightly shootings, home invasions, robberies, and the burning of former regime members in neighborhood streets. During the late 1980s and 90s, from when M.J. was eight-years-old to eighteen, Haiti’s government changed forms eight times; the Haitian people endured fraudulent elections, three military coups, a crippling embargo, and a United Nations occupation. In A Sky the Color of Chaos the social and political upheaval merely serve as the background for…


Whimsicalit: An Unfolding Magazine

Unfolding, because we highlight one writer at a time. Consider this a conduit for disruption, a space for discussion, reflection. We seek quality writing (and art) filled with surprise, mystery, and structural and emotional complexity. Our mission is to publish new talent, and to highlight established writers from the unique regions of South Florida, the Caribbean, and from the nebulous zone of the Caribbean diaspora. Whimsical? Yes. We’re eclectic too. In addition to the standard genre content you find in other literary journals, such as poems, interviews, short stories, personal essays, articles or one-act plays, occasionally, we feature profiles of interesting earthlings, because if we think someone is great, we…
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