ReadCaribbean: The Official Caribbean Literature Program of the Miami Book Fair

ReadCaribbean: The Official Caribbean Literature Program of the Miami Book Fair

ReadCaribbean is an extensive series of readings and panel discussions, highlighting the vibrant and diverse literary culture of the Caribbean. It is a Miami Book Fair Year-Round program created with the support of the Green Family Foundation and the FIU Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center.

Part of the ReadCaribbean program, Caribbean: Illuminate! is an unflinching, provocative, maybe uncomfortable, but definitely inspiring round table focused on Caribbean literature and history. Caribbean authors discuss their work, along with their lived and inherited experiences, in order to illuminate reality and take the audience on a journey through the many chapters of modern Caribbean life/history.

For more information, contact M.J. Fievre, Program Coordinator, at 954-391-3398 or

ReadCaribbean at the Miami Book Fair

Caribbean: Illuminate! Haiti and French Guyana

First Draft: Ébauches & Banbòch

“First Draft: Ébauches & Banbòch” is a series of writing workshops conducted in a fun (banbòch!), supportive and professional environment. It serves as a platform for writers with Caribbean ties and at various levels of writing experience as they learn or sharpen effective writing techniques to give voice to stories about the Caribbean-American experience.

Other ReadCaribbean workshops/panels:

All Women's Session
Miami Book Fair, ReadCaribbean panel, 2016

Little Haiti Book Festival

Miami Book Fair is partnering with Sosyete Koukouy of Miami, Inc., to present the Little Haiti Book Festival. This book festival, which features two days of vibrant cultural exposure to writers, booksellers, performers, and more, is part of Miami Book Fair’s ReadCaribbean programming.


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Books & Cinema

Ayiti Images, in partnership with Miami Book Fair’s ReadCaribbean, has launched Books & Cinema.

For the past several years, Ayiti Images has been using film as a platform to expose the greater South Florida community to a more positive and varied image about the Haitian experience. Films selected for the series are highly acclaimed and award-winning works capturing an authentic aspect of Haitian life. Many are by Haitian filmmakers

The concept of Ayiti Images was born from a desire to educate and project authentic voices that depict the Haitian experience from a humanistic perspective through film and dialogue. It is a traveling series that takes a film and its producer on the road throughout South Florida, with pit stops at six to seven neighborhoods within a few days. The series has inspired an opportunity to create a resource for these amazing films and the filmmakers behind it.

Articles about Books & Cinema:

  • 04/28/17 L’Union Suite: Ayiti Images and ReadCaribbean Present Special Screening of Toussaint Louverture
Ti Koze Sou Vodou Session
Miami Book Fair, ReadCaribbean panel, 2016