Books for Kids

Young Trailblazers: The Book of Black Artists

Publishing Date: July 12, 2022; ISBN: TBA; Price: TBA
Discover the trailblazing creativity of Black artists. A fun new book for children that teaches them about Black trailblazers who championed diversity in art through their creativity.

Young Trailblazers: The Book of Black Heroes and Groundbreakers

Publishing Date: March 15, 2022; ISBN: 978-1642507829; Price: $14.95
Learn about important Black heroes who have shown perseverance in the face of adversity. A fun new book for children that teaches them about Black trailblazers who achieved great success despite the odds.

The Ocean Lives There

Publishing Date: February 15, 2022; ISBN: 978-1642506280; Price: $16.95
It all starts with a magic door that leads to a beautiful Caribbean Island. Experience the adventures of a young girl who discovers her family’s Haitian culture through a magical red-blue door.

Kindergarten Here I Come!

Publishing Date: December 1, 2021; ISBN: 978-1642506181; Price: $8.95
Understanding the alphabet, letter sounds, counting numbers, and recognizing shapes and colors are essential steps in early learning. This big kindergarten workbook makes learning fun and engaging for children ages 3 to 5 with colorful characters, phenomenal phonics, and educational activities.

Young Trailblazers: The Book of Black Inventors & Scientists

Publishing Date: November 11, 2021; ISBN: 9781642506068; Price: $8.95
Learn about amazing Black trailblazers who changed the world. A fun new book for children that teaches them about Black trailblazers who have impacted the world through their actions and inventions.

A Cat Named Sam: Friendship is for Adventure

Publishing Date: September 16, 2021; ISBN: 978-1642506129; Price: $9.95
If you love kittens, then you’ll love the adorable Sam who takes us on a journey throughout his house. Let’s have some fun as we figure out why a cat named Sam is afraid of Christmas. Read this book with your favorite pet over the holidays, and the kids will surely love to interact with this book!

I Am Riding!

Publishing Date: January 14, 2013; ISBN: 978-0615740027; Price: OUT OF PRINT
Published as part of a special limited series edited by Edwidge Danticat. Team up for this fun-filled TRILINGUAL (English, French, Kreyol) story about a girl’s first time riding a bike.

Books for Teens

Walk Boldly

Publishing Date: June 1, 2022; ISBN: 978-1642507331; Price: $15.95
A must-have for your collection of Black teen books for boys. Affirmations for Black teen boys. Wisdom from Black male trailblazers who accomplished remarkable things in sports, literature, entertainment, education, STEM, business, military and government services, politics and law, activism, and more.

Black and Resilient: 52 Weeks of Anti-Racist Activities for Black Joy & Resilience

Publishing Date: January 18, 2022; ISBN: 9781642507461; Price: $15.95
From the bestselling author of Badass Black Girl comes a much-needed space for Black teens and kids to say “I am enough.” In this journal for teen boys, be empowered by 52 weeks of Black self-love and anti-racism lessons, affirmations for positive thinking, and prompts for Black Boy Joy.

Resilient Black Girl: 52 Weeks of Anti-Racist Activities for Black Joy & Resilience

Publishing Date: September 14, 2021; ISBN: 978-1642506549; Price: $15.95
Resilient Black Girl is a must-read in young adult nonfiction books for Black girls. As a social justice book for teens and a book about racism, it provides Black teen girls a better understanding of the effects of racism and equips them with skills for navigating various spaces in their daily lives.

Empowered Black Girl: Joyful Affirmations and Words of Resilience

Publishing Date: January 19, 2021; ISBN: 978-1642505603; Price: $15.95
Even strong, fearless, and badass Black girls and Black women need affirmations. Now more than ever, we need to practice the art of self-care and give our minds and bodies the TLC they deserve. Author of Badass Black Girl and Happy, Okay? M.J. Fievre brings you inspirational words of wisdom through fabulous Black female trailblazers who have changed the world, including Audre Lorde, Lupita Nyong’o and Angela Davis.

Black, Brave, Beautiful: A Badass Black Girl’s Coloring Book

Publishing Date: August 11, 2020; ISBN: 978-1642505290; Price: $9.95
A Girl Power Coloring Book for Teens, Tweens, and Black Young Ladies. The cool companion to MJ Fievre’s life guide Badass Black Girl is finally here. Black Brave Beautiful is a coloring book for girls jam-packed with intricate designs and empowering quotes from notable Black figures.

Badass Black Girl: Questions, Quotes, and Affirmations for Teens

#1 Best Seller and Gift Idea in Teen & Young Adult Cultural Heritage Biographies, Publishers Weekly Select Title for Young Readers
Publishing Date: January 14, 2020; ISBN: 978-1642501728; Price: $16.95
Explore the many facets of your identity through hundreds of big and small questions. In this journal designed for teenage Black girls, M.J. Fievre tackles topics such as family and friends, school and careers, body image, and stereotypes. By reflecting on these topics, you will confront the issues that can hold you back from living your best life and discovering your Black girl bliss.

Books for Parents/Teachers

Raising Confident Black Kids: A Comprehensive Guide for Empowering Parents and Teachers of Black Children

Publishing Date: January 19, 2021; ISBN: 978-1642505580; Price: $18.95
Raising Confident Black Kids includes everything Black and multi-racial families need to know to raise empowered, confident children. From the realities of living while Black to age-appropriate ways to discuss racism with your children, educator M.J. Fievre provides a much-needed resource for parents of Black kids everywhere.

Your Work from Home Life: Redefine, Reorganize and Reinvent Your Remote Work

Publishing Date: February 16, 2021; ISBN: 978-1642504903; Price: $5.99
Whatever your remote work circumstance, learn how to be productive at home with nuggets of hard-earned wisdom. From choosing the best colors for workspace productivity to starting a business, these remote work gurus offer everything needed for a smooth work-to-home transition.


Happy, Okay?: Poems about Anxiety, Depression, Hope, and Survival

Publishing Date: December 3, 2019; ISBN: 978-1642501360; Price: $15.95
Poetry to Confront Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and Loss. Are the usual anxiety books helping you find a path to healing? This collection of poetry specially crafted for those dealing with mental health and the people closest to them. Follow Paloma as she navigates mental health and relationships in this intimate and deep portrayal of joy, pain, and return to self.

A Sky the Color of Chaos: A Memoir

Publishing Date: November 2, 2015; ISBN: 978-1940761183; Price: OUT OF PRINT
A Sky the Color of Chaos chronicles M.J.’s perilous childhood during the turbulent rise and fall of Haiti’s President-Priest​​—a time of nightly shootings, home invasions, robberies, and burning of former regime members in neighborhood streets. Haiti’s rich culture and breathtaking beauty are contrasted not only with the terror in Port-au-Prince’s streets, but also with the turmoil inside M.J.’s own home.


  • All That Glitters (Lominy Books, 2013). IN PRINT.
    Sliver of Stone magazine presents its first volume of collected nonfiction. From the mouth of a Seattle whale to a Nordstrom’s swimsuit department, from an Idaho fundamentalist church to a fathomless Florida lake, the fifteen stories in All That Glitters recount lives and identities unsettled by impending doom. Also included are four remarkable interviews with award-winning nonfiction writers, including Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid Thief and Rin Tin Tin.
    “Fresh, fierce, and enlightening, All That Glitters is a find. The talented nonfiction writers in this collection invite us along on the complicated, sometimes scary, but irresistible pursuit of truth.” (Lynne Barrett, author of Magpies and The Secret Names of Women)
  • So Spoke the Earth (WWOHD, 2012). IN PRINT.
    This multilingual anthology of literature about Haiti explores the country’s past, present and future as experienced by its diverse inhabitants over the past four decades. Presenting each work in its original language (English, French, and Haitian Creole), So Spoke the Earth features the accounts of both Haitian and non-Haitian writers and their attempts to grapple with the impact left on them by their personal experiences with the island-nation. Through various narratives and poems, the literary legacy and unique history of the island are highlighted in content and style. This is an important anthology about Haiti in that it is a celebration of Haitian spirit, multiculturalism and diversity. 54 contributors include Edwidge Danticat, Jan Mapou, Marilene Phipps-Kettlewell, Joanne Hyppolite, Kathie Klarreich, Margaret Papillon, Gariot Pierre Louima, Nathalie Foy, Marie-Alice Theard, and many more, for an eclectic, international combination of established and emerging writers.