University alumna, professors will contribute to Miami Book Fair International

Although confirmed authors for the Miami Book Fair International include household names such as former president George Bush, tennis player Venus Williams, singer songwriter Patti Smith, and even a live broadcast of a Jay-Z telecast, some University affiliates can proudly drop their own names […]

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Michele Jessica Fievre, 29, a graduate student of the University’s Creative Writing Program, spoke at the fair seven years ago with “jitters,” a trembling voice and unsteady legs.

Fievre will return this year to speak about her story “The Rainbow’s End” in the anthology “Haiti Noir,” though, according to her, she’ll do so more confidently and less concerned about her strong Haitian accent.

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“Michele Jessica Fievre has written several books in French. Her short stories and poetry in English have been in The Southeast Review, The Caribbean Writer, and Haiti Noir.”

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