Tim Palmer screams at the world, whispers in your ear

Tim Palmer a cool dude. His bold and intricate images reflect both skillful execution and a balance of traditional and innovative techniques.

If you were to ask Palmer to give you an artist statement, he would probably look puzzled. “My artwork is my statement,” says Palmer, who likes to think of himself as simply an observer and a creator. “It’s my scream, my whisper, my story. It is me.”

Lately he’s been working primarily with acrylic on canvas. He finds inspiration everywhere, although his work mostly translates his love for tattoo art.  “I’ve just always loved its use of color, design, placement, and live quality,” he explains.

Palmer is constantly searching and evolving, trying new techniques and styles to get his audience to feel the deepest emotions. “If I can make you uneasy, speechless, or in any way moved, then I feel I’ve truly accomplished something.”

Palmer’s tattoo art on canvas is dynamic and diverse, from bold designs that borrow from graffiti art to more somber pieces. His work in progress, Jesus Fetus 2.0 (acrylic and spray paint on board, wire hangers, red light in the back) is getting strong reactions, reaching people with a bang. “It’s one of those love/hate scenarios,” says Palmer, who describes his art as  somewhat voyeuristic, very inquisitive, slightly instigating.

Whether you call it “badass” or “very sick,” the sheer artistry of Tim Palmer Art will captivate viewers across the board. Just enjoy the ride.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Tim Palmer Art on Facebook, you’re missing out on colorful and exotic tattoo designs-cum-artwork. Recently, Tim participated in the Hope and Hand Grenades show, at the new 1310 Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, and his work is usually on display at Howley’s in West Palm.

Tim Palmer Art
Photo credit: Tim Palmer Art

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