Caron Calvo: When Art Meets Humor

Caron Calvo is a visual artist and graphic designer who currently lives in South Florida; she specializes in abstract art and visual communication. “I’ve loved art since I was a little girl,” says Calvo. “I used my first computer in middle school. Later, when I grasped the idea that I could combine computer and art, that realization rocked my world!”

During her art education at Florida Atlantic University, she enjoyed her teachers’ guidance while learning to master basic skills and using the different computer programs available to artists. Calvo, however, has learned most of her craft outside of school. “It’s kind of how it works,” she comments. Her word of advice: “Learn as much as you can! Practice! Practice! Practice!”

The artist describes herself as friendly, creative, and outgoing. “The common myth about artists is that they’re snobs who think they know everything,” Calvo says. “I just enjoy the freedom to create and express my feelings.”

She is indeed very creative, experimenting with different mediums—acrylics, charcoal, chalk pastel, graphic pen, colored pencil—and of course her imagination, which lead her to create Delphinia Designs, offering “unique artwork for individual people and businesses.” Calvo creates custom logos, stationery, brochures, flyers, and anything a person, company, or establishment could desire.

When Calvo invites viewers into her world, she hopes they’ll walk in with an open mind, ready to question their reality and, above all, that they’ll be inspired. Explore her Facebook Page. In the world of graphic design, check out her Orchid Brochure, her spatial illustration, and her dog flyer. As for Calvo’s visual art, look at Orchids (in chalk pastel) and Lady Figure (in charcoal).

The artist’s influences are diverse. Friends, family, mentors, her boyfriend Jon… everything inspires her. “Heck! Even by my dog,” says Calvo who cites Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher among the artists whose steps she follows. She’s presently working on several projects, including more designs and some paintings. “I’m open to new experiences,” says Calvo. “I would love to be in more art shows and travel.”

Calvo’s work can be seen at local art shows around Broward and Palm Beach counties. “I want to be remembered for my artwork and humor,” she says.

To keep updated, make sure you “like” Calvo’s Delphinia Designs Facebook page. You can also click here to visit her artist website.

Chalk Pastel
Photo credit: Caron Calvo

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