Carrying on Haiti’s Literary Torch

In an article by Kat Cherie on Haitian Times, writers Nadine Magloire, Evelyne Trouillot, Jessica Fièvre, Gary Klang and Josaphat-Robert Large share their take on the legacy of Haitian literary tradition.

“I have an increased interest for nonfiction”

“I continue to use the motherland as a setting for most of my stories. As an expat, I get to take a step back and reminisce with less bias about my life in Port-au-Prince,” Fievre says. “I have an increased interest for nonfiction, as opposed to making stories up. I also want to believe that my current writing positively reflects the influence of the MFA program at Florida International University. I find myself spending more time thinking about craft, whereas in the past I solely focused on telling the story as it came to me.”

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