All That Glitters: VIP Sale at Lip Service

ALL THAT GLITTERS will be released on October 1st, 2013 (along with Issue 7 of Sliver of Stone Magazine). Yesterday, however, we conducted a special sale at Lip Service: True Stories Out Loud, at the Miracle Theater, in Coral Gables.

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Fresh, fierce, and enlightening, ALL THAT GLITTERS is a find. The talented nonfiction writers in this collection invite us along on the complicated, sometimes scary, but irresistible pursuit of truth.
—Lynne Barrett,
author of Magpies and The Secret Names of Women

Sliver of Stone Magazine presents its first volume of collected nonfiction. From the mouth of a Seattle whale to a Nordstrom’s swimsuit department, from an Idaho fundamentalist church to a fathomless Florida lake, the fifteen stories in ALL THAT GLITTERS recount lives and identities unsettled by impending doom. Also included are four remarkable interviews with award-winning nonfiction writers, including Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid Thief and Rin Tin Tin.

All That Glitters

Edited by MJ Fievre, Nicholas Garnett, and Corey Ginsberg. True stories by Andrea Askowitz / Jan Becker/ Kim Barnes / Tabitha Blankenbiller / Christine Butterworth-McDermott / Rebecca Cook / Elizabeth Marie Dalton / Lisbeth Davidow / M. Evelina Galang / Nicholas Garnett / Lori Jakiela / Paul Lisicky / Dinty W. Moore / Russell Reece / Dan Wakefield

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