Andrea’s Guide to the Miami Book Fair International

A note from writer Andrea Askowitz:


If anyone cares, here are the authors I’m going to hear.  There are so many great things I’m missing, but here are some highlights.

SATURDAY, November 23

11:00:  Joyce Maynard reading from her new book, After Her.  She is my good friend and mentor.  Also a great, great storyteller, so whatever she does is entertaining.  Room 8301 (Bldg. 8, 3rd floor).
1:00:  Authors I don’t know who have written about dead authors that I love, David Foster Wallace and Sylvia Plath.  Room 7128 (Bldg.7, 1st floor).
3:30:  Joe Clifford reading from Junkie Love, which has a bunch of true stories Joe told a Lip Service.  Joe is my ex-Lip Service co-producer.  He left me for San Francisco.  His stuff is gritty and good and also he’s a beautiful man.  Room 8303 (Bldg.8, 3rd floor).

SUNDAY, November 24

10:30:  Junot Diaz.  This guy is awesome, he won a Pulitzer.  Auditorium (Bldg.1, 2nd floor).
11:00:  Joyce Maynard, Ann Hood, John Dufresne reading true stories from an anthology about knitting.  Room 8301 (Bldg.8, 3rd floor).
12:30:  Jewish women confessional comics.  My mom saw the physical exhibit and said the comics were my type of stories, true confessionals but with pictures.  Bonus. Centre Gallery (Bldg.1, 3rd floor, room 1365).
1:30:  Edwidge Danticat.  She’s a local superhero. Auditorium (Bldg.1, 2nd floor).
**5:00:  Don’t miss Andrea Askowitz, that’s me.  I’m reading from All That Glitters, a nonfiction anthology.  Room 8301 (Bldg. 8, 3rd floor). I’m telling a serious story, which is hard for me.  But I did it recently and had a good time. Also, the other stories in this anthology are really good.  

LIP SERVICE tickets are on sale now.  You still have time to submit your story.  Send 1,200 words to  Deadline is Friday.  Red Light Lips:  Stories about SEX.  The show is Saturday, Dec. 14 at The Stage in the Design District.  Easy parking and after party with food trucks.  This is an intimate and exclusive affair.  Only 125 seats.  We will sell out.

Click here for tickets:

I hope to see you!

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