Dark Days in Port-au-Prince

To celebrate the release of Haiti Noir 2: The Classics, edited by Edwidge Danticat, Akashic Books asked contributors from both of their Haiti Noir volumes to participate in an exquisite corpse style story—a serial story in which each participant builds off of what the previous participants have written—to create an original piece of fiction with a decidedly dark tone. Check back each Friday through February 7th for a new installment of this six-part short story with sections from Roxane Gay, M.J. Fievre, Ibi Aanu Zoboi, Katia D. Ulysse, Josaphat-Robert Large, and Edwidge Danticat!

Dark Days 2

This second installment of Dark Days in Port-au-Prince comes from Haiti Noir contributor M.J. Fievre. It appears TODAY, Friday, January 10, on www.akashicbooks.com.

The plot thickens!


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