One Moore Book, member of the Children’s Book Council

I’m proud of my publisher!

One Moore Book happily announced today that they’re the newest member of the Children’s Book Council, a nonprofit trade association of children’s book publishers dedicated to supporting and informing the industry.

This membership increases opportunities for OMB as a diversity publisher, giving access to industry advocacy, national reading lists, industry partnerships and many other benefits.

You can find a list of members HERE


I’m thankful for the part, however small, I’ve played in making One Moore Book what it is.

My trilingual children’s book, I am Riding, was published by One Moore Book in 2013, as part of the Haiti Series, a collection of six stories that feature the vibrant culture and people of the Republic of Haiti.

Katia D. Ulysse also contributed to the series, with Fabiola Konn Konte.


llustrated by Kula Moore, Fabiola Konn Konte {Fabiola Can Count} is a counting book about a young restavèk girl. A restavèk is a child from the Haiti countryside who is sent by their parents to work for a wealthier family, with the expectation that the child will be educated and cared for. Unfortunately, all restavèk children do not get the education or care they deserve. Ulysse does an excellent job of raising awareness of a social issue in Haiti, while creating a unique and relatable counting book that can be enjoyed by all children.

Other books in the series include:

  • A is for Ayiti (Also in Kreyol): Written by Ibi Zoboi / Illustrated by Joseph Zoboi
  • Elsie: Written by Cybille St. Aude / Illustrated by Marie Cecile Charlier
  • The Last Mapou: Written by Edwidge Danticat / Illustrated by Eduoard Duval-Carrié
  • Where is Lola?: Written by Maureen Boyer / Illustrated by Kula Moore

Want to learn more about One Moore Book? Check out their Facebook page or click here to read my interview with editor Wayétu Moore.


According to House of Success, “the catalyst behind Moore’s passion for childhood literacy in the U.S. and in underserved countries comes from her work in the non-profit world and the void she noticed with the lack of accurate representations of obscure or foreign cultures in mainstream literature. It was this void that ultimately led her to create One Moore Book and it was a growing fascination with Haiti that inspired her to do a full series of children’s books about the country.”

“In recent years, whenever someone mentions Haiti, they talk about the earthquake, but I have always been fascinated with how rich Haitian culture is. They were the first independent black republic in the world and have a strong artistic and political history that as a writer has always intrigued me,” said Moore.

This collection of stories serves as a reminder of the resilience and authenticity of the Haitian people and is a celebration of their culture.

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