19 Women Honored for their contribution to Haitian Culture

On Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, the Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami hosted its 3rd Annual International Women’s Month Ceremony.

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This year, the Consulate honored 19 women who contributed to the Haitian Culture in South Florida. They were recognized as “Beacons of Hope and Achievement.” “Each one of the award winners make significant contributions in their respective fields of action, such as art, music, literature, public service, contribution to education, and journalism,” points out Reynold Beauplan, on Sawpanse. Congratulations to all these phenomenal women! 1.  Emeline Alexis Schulz; 2. Alexandra Barbot ; 3. Danielle Barthelemy-Jacques 4. Angie Bell ; 5. Naomie Labaty ; 6. Carole Demesmin ; 7. Sandy Dorsainvil 8. Esther Fortuné ; 9. Mireille Gonzalez ; 10. Roldye Azard ; 11. Raymonde Milien Pierre; 12. Joann Milord ; 13. Eveline Pierre ; 14. Laura Quinlan ; 15. Djenane Saint-Fleur ; 16. Nancy Saint-Léger ; 17. Rachelle Salnave ; 18. Mireille Sylvain-David; 19. Michele Jessica Fievre.

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