“Oh, oh, O, Miami! I had a wonderful experience at Centro Cultural Español,” writes author Mahalia Solages. “Picture an open courtyard with little white lights swagging over lounge seating. A simple bar selling empanadas, pizza and beer from Spain, Estrella Galicia, while offering free sangria to those attending. Across from the lounge areas: a lineup of cargo containers decorated by some wizard wielding a spray paint can. Inside each container: a dozen or so little Ikea stools upon entry, and the back end–micro stages with simple props, 1-3 characters and 15 minute micro plays. My lovely friend, MJ Fievre wrote To Accept, Dial 5 Now.”

To Accept, Dial 5 Now Poster (1)

In this eavesdropping snippet of a jailhouse call, Silas gages the status of his relationship with his girlfriend Jackie. To Accept, Dial 5 Now (written by Michèle Jessica Fièvre and directed by Gladys Ramirez) is a story about violence, jealousy and control, the choices we make, and the limits of love. Actors include Chasity Hart as “Jackie” (left), Jovon SingaBoy Jacobs as “Silas” (top right), and Laura Pons as “Recording” (bottom right).

MicroTheather Miami will present the one-act play from 8 pm to 11 pm in the courtyard inside the Spanish Cultural Center located at 1490 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132.

Check out the interview with Neil De la Flor on the Knight Arts website:

O, MicroTheater Miami, where art thou?

Both the playwright and the director shared some of their thoughts about the production.

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