Little Haiti Book Festival

Every year, Miami Dade College’s (MDC) acclaimed Miami Book Fair (MBF), in partnership with Sosyete Koukouy of Miami, presents the 2018 Little Haiti Book Festival at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, 5919 NE 2nd Ave.  The book festival—which features vibrant cultural exposure to writers, booksellers, performers, and more—is part of Miami Book Fair’s ReadCaribbean programming. 

The Little Haiti Book Festival, which has been presented in part by Sosyete Koukouy of Miami for the past five years, is made possible by the generosity of the Green Family Foundation and the FIU Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center.

At the Little Haiti Book Festival, established and emerging talents areinvited to present their work, conduct creative workshops, and participate in an exchange of ideas.

We believe in the transformative power of the arts. Children’s activities, traditional and modern music, samba and spoken word poetry, food and street art, Vodou immersion: The Festival serves as a point of cultural pride for Little Haiti, adding immensely to the cultural richness of the area. It is crucial to keeping our community alive, bringing thousands of people together to share a profound experience. It has become part of our collective identity and a needed catalyst for revitalization.

Jan Mapou invites you to the 2019 Little Haiti Book Festival:

Elizabeth Guerin invites you to the 2019 Little Haiti Book Festival:

2018 Fairgoer’s Guide


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