I Am Riding… around the world!

My children’s book, I AM RIDING! (grades 3-4) is now available on Amazon. I team up with illustrator Jean Patrick Icart-Pierre for this fun-filled TRILINGUAL (English, French, Kreyol) story about a girl’s first time riding a bike.

Top left: Children from the Village of Hope School excitedly welcome my trilingual book, “I Am Riding.” Top right: In Miami, my friend Ana sent me this picture of her daughter Nathalie reading with Grandma.


Bottom left: Another avid reader in Lauderhill. A quote from this lovely girl: “By looking at the cover, I already know it’s good.” Awww. Kudos to illustrator Jean-Patrick Icart Pierre! Bottom right: Little girls in Haiti are reading my book! These girls are students in the LitWorld Children of Haiti Project.

For a better look, here’s a bigger picture of the children at LitWorld:


A better picture of Nathalie reading with Grandma:


4 thoughts on “I Am Riding… around the world!

  1. How adorable, Ms. Fievre!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! 🙂

    Many blessings, Gina Butler 🙂

  2. Love these photos… you have made a difference for many girls (big and little). Your book will soon go to the Village of Hope school in Ganthier, Haiti.

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