“I Am Riding!” is on OMB Storytime!

Writer M.J.Fievre and illustrator Jean Patrick Icart-Pierre teamed up for a fun-filled trilingual (English, French, Kreyol) story about a girl’s first time riding a bike.”I Am Riding!” is a One Moore Book publication. One of OMB’s goals this year is to make Storytime videos for all of their books. One Moore Book Storytime is a project that brings books to life through video. Enjoy the English version of “I Am Riding!” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KPAyi-yDjY One Moore Book provides culturally sensitive and educational stories that highlight the lives of children of countries with significantly low literacy rates. One Moore Book provides literature for children whose narratives are largely missing from the…


I Am Riding: A Conversation with Author M.J. Fievre

Check out my new interview on the One Moore Book blog “M.J. Fievre is a writer, editor and educator whose passion for writing can be felt in every word she pens. She has authored several novels, short stories and poems in French and English, including our trilingual title, ‘I am Riding.’ We hope you find her zest for life (and sense of humor) as intoxicating as we did.” (“A Conversation with Author M.J. Fievre,” One Moore Book Website) Related Articles: One Moore Book Brings Joy to LitWorld’s Innovation Hub in Haiti “The children and their LitClub Leaders were so excited to see books in Haitian Creole. We read aloud…


I Am Riding… around the world!

My children’s book, I AM RIDING! (grades 3-4) is now available on Amazon. I team up with illustrator Jean Patrick Icart-Pierre for this fun-filled TRILINGUAL (English, French, Kreyol) story about a girl’s first time riding a bike. Top left: Children from the Village of Hope School excitedly welcome my trilingual book, “I Am Riding.” Top right: In Miami, my friend Ana sent me this picture of her daughter Nathalie reading with Grandma. Bottom left: Another avid reader in Lauderhill. A quote from this lovely girl: “By looking at the cover, I already know it’s good.” Awww. Kudos to illustrator Jean-Patrick Icart Pierre! Bottom right: Little girls in Haiti are reading my book!…

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