“I Am Riding!” is on OMB Storytime!

Writer M.J.Fievre and illustrator Jean Patrick Icart-Pierre teamed up for a fun-filled trilingual (English, French, Kreyol) story about a girl’s first time riding a bike.”I Am Riding!” is a One Moore Book publication.

One of OMB’s goals this year is to make Storytime videos for all of their books. One Moore Book Storytime is a project that brings books to life through video. Enjoy the English version of “I Am Riding!” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KPAyi-yDjY

One Moore Book provides culturally sensitive and educational stories that highlight the lives of children of countries with significantly low literacy rates. One Moore Book provides literature for children whose narratives are largely missing from the children’s book publishing industry. The books also serve as a key to unknown people and places for all kids who do not have access to cultures outside of their own.


“Off I go, swimming through the air. The pedals spin freely as I’m sailing ahead. The air is breezing past my face, my arms and legs. The landscape is flowing by me like images on a TV screen.”

From “I Am Riding,” by M.J. Fievre, illustrated by Jean Patrick Icart-Pierre, available here:http://ow.ly/G7MQC

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