“All That Glitters panel with M.J. Fievre, Jan Becker, Nicholas Garnett, Andrea Askowitz, Evelina Galang, Fabienne Josaphat: You can find gold in all that glitters and all that does not. And that panel was full of some of South Florida’s best non-fiction. Such fresh, stunning and powerful work!”
—Jennifer M. McCauley, Florida Book Review

“Garnett read parts of his story, All That Glitters, about a former boss, Mr. Dennis. Garnett teasingly stopped reading when Mr. Dennis’s life is in jeopardy at the hands—arm, in this case—of another, who is crushing Mr. Dennis’s throat. The cliffhanger sent me downstairs to get my own copy of All That Glitters and get it signed.”
—Giselda Aguiar, Florida Book Review

“It was so wonderful to see thirty-five faces in the room for the All That Glitters reading. That might not seem like too many, but look, all those faces [were] smiling at the end of a long weekend–during a time slot shared by Chris Matthews, Tigertail, and someone presenting on a history of the Marlins (granted no one shows up for Marlins games either). As I said [at the reading], I could not have conceived finding a home in a place with so many people who love books and writing as much as I do. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”
—Jan Becker, All That Glitters contributor

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