Haiti Noir: The Classics

Since the other day I’ve been raving about “Dark Days in Port-au-Prince,” an exquisite corpse style story—a serial story in which each participant builds off of what the previous participants have written, to create an original piece of fiction with a decidedly dark tone. The story was published on Akashic Books‘ website to celebrate the release of Haiti Noir 2: The Classics, edited by Edwidge Danticat. 

I was one of the contributors to “Dark Days in Port-au-Prince.” In fact, the six-part story is still online. The last installment will be published on February 7th. Writers include Roxane Gay, M.J. Fievre, Ibi Aanu Zoboi, Katia D. Ulysse, Josaphat-Robert Large, and Edwidge Danticat herself!

Well, Edwidge asked me to read a story at the Haiti Noir 2: The Classics launch on January 29, at Books & Books, in Coral Gables. The time is 8 PM.


The original best-selling Haiti Noir comprised all new stories by today’s best Haitian authors. This new volume collects the true classics of Haitian literature—both short stories and excerpts from longer works—and will be an integral piece to the understanding of how Haitian culture has evolved over the past fifty years. Editor Edwidge Danticat, one of the most respected Haitian writers, has a well-deserved sterling reputation, and here she follows on the success of the original first volume.

Classic stories by: Danielle Legros Georges, Jacques Roumain, Ida Faubert, Jacques-Stephen Alexis, Jan J. Dominique, Paulette Poujol Oriol, Lyonel Trouillot, Emmelie Prophète, Ben Fountain, Dany Laferrière, Georges Anglade, Edwidge Danticat, Michèle Voltaire Marcelin, Èzili Dantò, Marie-Hélène Laforest, Nick Stone, Marilène Phipps-Kettlewell, Myriam J.A. Chancy, and Roxane Gay. 

See you at Books & Books!

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