Whimsicalit’s mission is to discover new talents and acknowledge established writers with either a connection to Haiti or ties to South Florida.  We call ourselves an “unfolding magazine” because we showcase one writer or artist at a time. We may be published—well—whimsically, but we take quality very seriously when accepting poems, interviews, personal essays, short stories, articles, or one-act plays.

Our magazine is a conduit for disruption, a space for discussion, for reflection. You will delight in each piece for its surprises, its mysteries, its structural and emotional complexities.

In addition to a compelling cast of artists and writers in Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry, we offer profile of interesting earthlings (for whenever we find greatness we spread the word), along with recipes for those who enjoy getting busy in the kitchen (“Bouch mwen fè dlo”). Thanks for being part of this ever-growing diverse community.

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(Last updated on 11/15/16)




The views represented in this magazine or in its social media Twitter or Facebook accounts or in any related social media outlets do not necessarily represent the views of the editor.


  1. Green and Dangerous
    After Farewell to Arms, by Marie Ketsia Theodore Pharel

    The name was Chompsky
    Short legged, long and skinny
    Faster than you think

    Trip to Orlando
    Beautiful relationship
    In sync forever

    Boys will be boys here
    Adversities surround them
    Joke becomes risky

    Ready to feast you
    Up he goes and snaps on you
    Lesson to be learned

    You thought it was fun
    Your best friend pays the price now
    Chompsky does not play

  2. Invisible, Suze Baron

    I am from a garden full of lifeless flowers
    From roots growing through my soul
    I am from close space closing in
    And corpse beneath my feet
    I am from a room I can’t call my own
    from sunlight peeking through the window
    I am from muddy shoes
    from… Jean de Champagne and Marie de Bueil
    and from Stubborn Ancestors
    from greeting and kissing upon my cheeks
    I am from praising through the roof
    from colorful spicy piman zwazo
    from the darkness to the light
    and from the beating drum of my own song
    and from the fight for my freedom
    I am from the moments where my family tree continued growing.

  3. This poem basically expresses the emotional troubles that “Mildred Casimir” experienced throughout her growing up years; it is based on a story “An Angel on the Other Side of the Border, by Marylin Laurent.”

    Sprouting fury Poem:

    I am from the mountains and the oceans
    from a precious pink doll and my favorite curling gel.
    I am from the bitterness in the wind
    and from the river of burdens.
    I am from an Australian Buloke tree
    whose lost emotions turned it into the hardest wood of all.
    I am from a broken chair and a hurtful belt
    from Widelene and Emmanuel
    and from an inflexible parental love full of overprotection
    from the rigidity and stereotyping passed on by my family.
    I am from a vigorous Catholic background
    from rice and beans
    from appalling memories of the Parsley Massacre
    and from recollections of sorrow and machetes.
    I am from the moments ….

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