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In addition to the standard genre content you find in other literary journals, such as poems, interviews, short stories, personal essays, articles or one-act plays, occasionally, we feature profiles of interesting earthlings, because if we think someone is great, we want you to know about them too. Sometimes, we even feature recipes for those who like to get busy in the kitchen (“Bouch mwen fè dlo”).

But make no mistake, we’re serious about the quality of the work we showcase

Thank you for being part of this ever-growing, diverse community.

Here’s our Table of Contents:

Exquisite Corpse: “Dark Days in Port-au-Prince”: Roxane Gay, M.J. Fievre, Katia D. Ulysse, Ibi Aanu Zoboi, and Josaphat-Robert Large: Dark Days in Port-au-Prince (Fiction)
Diane Allerdyce: “The Wee Hours” (Nonfiction)
Kent Annan: “The World Crashes All the Time” (Nonfiction)
Suze Baron: “Mama” (Poetry)
Suze Baron: “Piano Talk” (Poetry)
Suze Baron: “Take Vladimir, He’s Good Company” (Nonfiction)
France-Luce Benson: “Risen from the Dough” (Play)
Patricia Biela: “Mamie’s Hands” (Poetry)
Hector Duarte Jr.: “A Father First” (Fiction)
Juderns Exceus: “Learning Creole” (Nonfiction)
Tatiana Garcia: “Single. Taken.” (Fiction)
Sheree L. Greer: “We Call Love Longed For” (Fiction)
John Grey: “Haitian Cockfight, 1953” (Poetry)
Fabienne Josaphat: “Catching Crazy” (Fiction)
Leita Kaldi: “Beware of Flatterers” (Nonfiction)
Leita Kaldi: “Fano Filo” (Nonfiction)
Leita Kaldi: “Lost in Translation” (Nonfiction)
Leita Kaldi: “Ti Moustik’s Coq” (Nonfiction)
Leita Kaldi: “Zombies” (Nonfiction)
Nathasha Labaze: “Hunger” (Poetry)
Marylin Laurent: “An Angel on the Other Side of the Border” (Fiction)
Enma Leyva: “Tile” (Poetry)
Kevin F. Mason: “When I Can’t See the Sun: Jean-Michel Daudier’s Soundtrack to Haiti’s Democratic Moment” (Nonfiction)
Laura McDermott: “Scenes from the Rearview Mirror” (Poetry)
Maryse Noël Roumain: “Remembering Kate” (Fiction)
Jeremy Paden: “On this Fault, Let Us Write a Poem” (Poetry)
Margaret Papillon: “Amen!”
Esilda Prentice: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Story About Domestic Violence (Nonfiction)
Marlène Rigaud Apollon: “To the Memory of my Father” (Nonfiction)
Phoebe Rusch: What Do You Love about Haiti? (Poetry)
Mahalia Solages: “Boundaries” (Fiction)
Mahalia Solages: “Vague in Conversation (an excerpt)” (Fiction)
Barbara Ellen Sorensen: “Doubting Cremation” (Poetry)
Yolaine M. St. Fort: “Flight” (Poetry)
Marie-Ketsia Theodore-Pharel: “Farewell to Arms” (Fiction)
Tammy L. Tillotson: “The Picture of Haiti” (Poetry)
Katia D. Ulysse: “Dawning of a New Day” (Fiction)
Katia D. Ulysse: “Mango” (Nonfiction)
Katia D. Ulysse: “Tragedians” (Nonfiction)
Jorge Valdes: “The Gathering Area” (Nonfiction)


Betsy Blankenbaker: Artist & Humanitarian
Creole NOT Allowed Here: An Interview with Jan Mapou, Haitian-Creole Advocate
Elizabeth Dalton’s Long Hair
Every Boy Should Have a Man (an Interview with Preston L. Allen)
Florida Gothic Stories: Delightfully Disturbing (an interview with Vicki Hendricks)
Haiti, Phoebe, and the Oloffson: At the Crossroad of Race and Nationality and Class (an Interview with Phoebe Rusch)
Hector Duarte Jr. on Writing
It’s Not Just Love and Paris, It’s Patricia Engel (an Interview with the author)
Jan Becker on Home, Violence, Evil, and the Fragility of Life
Kim Barnes on Feminism, Sex Education, and Growing Up in Idaho
Lisbeth Davidow’s Last Suitor
Lori Jakiela Won’t Let the World Get in the Way of Things
Matthew Sharpe on Short Shorts
Nobody Go Run Me: An Interview with Joanne C. Hillhouse
Poet Barbara Ellen Sorensen (an interview)
Quirky and Animalistic Stories: Meet Vicki Hendricks
Rebecca Cook’s Romance
Tabitha Blankenbiller: Beauty and Madness
The Flight of Lola Catalina Lorenzo: An Interview with M. Evelina Galang
The (Not-So-Soft) Touch of Nick Garnett
What are you up to, Andrea Askowitz?
Who’s Russell Reece?
Writing After Baby Comes Along


Kim Barnes on her 5 Favorite Books
John Bond’s Essential Library for Writers
Joe Clifford on his 5 Favorite Books
John Dufresne on his 5 Favorite Books
Sheree L. Greer on her 5 Favorite Books
Ann Hood on her 5 Favorite Books
Sean Kenniff & Esther Martinez on their 5 (+1) Favorite Books
Joseph Lapin on his 5 Favorite Books
Dinty W. Moore on his 5 Favorite Books
Mahalia Solages on her 5 Favorite Books
Katia D. Ulysse on her 5 Favorite Books
Nick Vagnoni on his 5 Favorite Books
Dan Wakefield on his 5 Favorite Books


46 People Who Made You Care about Poetry in 2013
A Haiku Postcard from David 
Andrea’s Guide to the 2013 Miami Book Fair
Campbell McGrath: In the Kingdom of the Sea Monkeys (Book Release)
Dan Wakefield talks about Anthony Gagliano
Dariel Suarez in Search of Genuine Thought and Emotion
Evil, Blessings, Grace, and Solace: Beverly Donofrio at the Miami Book Fair (Event)
Fitzgerald and Hemingway had the Dingo Bar. We have the Marguerita Parlor (Profile of Bolivian writer Paola Senseve)
The Florida Book Review Gers a New Home
John Bond’s Essential Library for Writers
Miami’s Literary Genius
Nick Vagnoni Featured at CHAIku (Event)
Poems for Malala Yousafzai (Book Release)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra: Where the Saints are Canonized (Profile of Bolivian writer Homero Carvalho Oliva)
The Power of a Dream (Book Release)
Vicki Hendricks: Fur People (Book Release)
Writing Tips from Accomplished Haitian Writers


Annick Duvivier’s Search for Beauty
ArtServe (InSIDE)/Out (and more)
Caron Calvo: When Art Meets Humor
Claire Van Goodman: Beyond Expectations
Haitian Vodou: Fet Gede
Holguinism: the Hunt for the Perfect Image
Lilian Cotton: A Slow Battle
Meet Raphael Sagage
Pascale Doxy: Art as Therapy
Stephanie Rodriguez: Expressive and Whimsical
SUR: Maria Zanutti’s Art Collection
Suzana de Paola: The World is my Playground
Tim Palmer Screams at the World, Whispers in Your Ear
Visual Artist Makeda Enlightens the Nature Within
Vodou: Heartfelt, Close to the Earth
Where No Plant Will Grow, Michelle Morse Paints Flowers


5 Questions for Butterfly Katz (Interview)
Artist Jean-Michel Daudier (Profile)
B&G Orchids: A Family Affair (Interview)
Fayola Nicaisse: The Art of Beautiful  (Interview)
Let’s Salsa with Tony Duarte (Interview)
Meet Artist Ayiti Coles (Interview)
Meet Jevon Olea: Singer, Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist (Interview)
Nayeli Fanfan: The Art of Being a Diva (Interview)
Raising Gabi: The Life of a Modeling Teen (Interview)
The Art of Cooking, Ron Duprat Style (Interview)
Tu Connais Mario Fontaine? (Interview)


5 Questions for Butterfly Katz (Interview)
A Canadian Thanksgiving (Daniela Lara Serna)
A Classic with a Twist (Milena Gigliotti)
Blanc-Manger Coco: A Haitian Recipe (MJ Fievre)
Chocolate Temptation (Milena Gigliotti)
Eating with Our Eyes (collective)
Fried Eggplants (Lewis Prisco)
(It’s More than Just) Cooking with Liliane
Kale Chips (Mahalia Solages)
Learning, Perfecting the Art of Haitian Cooking (Newspaper article)
Legim ak Sirik: A Haitian Recipe (MJ Fievre)
Oh, my… Enpanadas! (Natalie Lux)
Majadito: Bolivia’s Treasure (Talis Vanessa Montero)
Pwason Gwo Sèl (Mahalia Solages)
Yummy Turkey Stock (Sarah Pearsall)
Tarija, Bolivia: Passion Fruit Mousse (Martha Tárraga Hevia y Vaca)
The Art of Cooking, Ron Duprat Style (Interview)


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