Remain Focused: You Need a Writing Coach

For years, Zelda stored secrets in the cupboards of her home: a memoir, a novel, and scads of short stories and poems. But she had children to support, and writing is a risky venture, so she kept them locked away. As far back as she could remember, she’d been filling notebooks on the sly. Her kids were older now, and there was more time to devote to the one thing she’d held off on, pursuing her dream of publication.

She went to a community writing class. The words started coming faster. She sent a novel manuscript off to a small press, and they wrote back with a nice rejection letter, suggesting she work with a coach to help her develop her story into something they could print.

They referred her to me.

“I cannot thank you enough. Not just for the translation [of the poem], which is beautiful, but for your kind words and reflection.”

France-Luce B., Brooklyn

Sometimes even seasoned writers need someone to guide them to publication. I’ve been coaching writers for years. You don’t need to have a writing degree to publish your work, but it helps to have a coach on your side to help you untangle the story in your mind and bring it fluently to the page. Whether it’s a technical or medical book, novel, memoir,  book of poetry, or even shorter pieces you want to polish, I’m the writing coach you need.

I showed Zelda things she’d never imagined could be done with her novel. With my guidance, she ripped her book apart and reassembled it with unforgettable characters, and a plot that would enthrall readers. Most importantly, I helped Zelda gain the confidence she needed to believe that writing was something she’d already been doing for years.

After months of Skype conferences with me, Zelda sent an application to a writing retreat with chapters of her novel we’d revised—and she received a full tuition scholarship. Shortly after she returned, Zelda received her first acceptance letter from a literary journal in Scotland, eager to print an essay she’d written. She’s well on her way to publishing her first book—and I’ll be cheering her on, through every draft.

As your writing coach, I will:

  • Help you identify short-term and long-term goals.
  • Develop a plan for success so that you reach those goals.
  • Create a weekly action plan that includes prioritizing projects.
  • Address challenges in meeting your goals, such as time management and creativity blocks.