Anna handed me a package, postmarked Guatemala.

“I need you to bring my grandmother back,” she said.

Inside, I found a stack of handwritten poems in elegant cursive. Anna explained that her grandmother had written the poems years ago; they had been left to Anna when she passed away recently.

The problem was that the poems were all in Spanish, and Anna had no grasp of the language. She’d only visited her grandmother a few times as a child.  All her life, there had been a language barrier between them, and now, in her grief, Anna wanted an opportunity to crash past that barrier and reach an understanding of her grandmother and her life’s work.  She needed someone who could translate the poetry with nuance, to preserve the personality of the poet.

I was the translator she needed.

I am skilled in all genres of literary translation—from/into English, French, Haitian Creole, and Spanish. I’m certified by the State of Florida (only about 5% of candidates successfully pass the test), and can collaborate with you on your novel, short story collection, play, poetry or technical book.

It turns out Anna’s grandmother was cheeky, and her poems were FULL of the personality Anna had been hoping she’d discover. Her poetry had both Anna and me howling with laughter and delight, and I’ll admit, I shed a few tears while translating the poetry.  Anna walked away with a stack of poems she could share with the American branch of her family, and the generations that would follow, and a greater understanding of her grandmother.

“I just gave both documents a quick read. From the second I opened them I wanted to cry – it all just looks so gorgeous on the page.”

L.M., Miami

Translator and Professional Writer: The Perfect Combo

In collaboration with other professionals, I have translated book-length projects for publishing houses in New York, Miami, and Tucson.

As a literary translator, I have the ability to:

  • Write well and adhere to a given framework
  • Transfer style, tone, and cultural elements accurately from one language to another
  • Pay attention to detail

“You’re a triple threat: A talented writer, a sharp editor, and a great human being.”

Marie-Ketsia Théodore-Pharel, author of Songs from a Tower