Sharpen Your Writing: You Need an Editor

David had an idea for his business, but was having trouble with the copy on his webpage. If only he could get the wording right, he’d make millions, he said. His ideas were fantastic, but his writing was rough. Clients weren’t calling, and how can one be an entrepreneur without client calls? He needed an editor who could help bring in the client calls quick.

He called me.

David was right. He could make millions with his brilliant ideas, but his writing was full of grammatical errors and run-on sentences. He needed an editor.

Every writer needs an editor, and every writer’s needs are individual to their work. If you’re seeking out editing services, be sure to look for someone who is versatile, and understands your needs. Whether you have a book ready for publication that needs a proofread, a copy-edit, or a more thorough developmental revision, I’m the editor for you. I have experience in revising both creative and professional/technical writing. I can spruce up your rough draft and make it ready for readers.

Shortly after I completed edits on David’s webpage, he called me back. He needed more editing help. The calls were coming so quickly from new clients, he was expanding his web page to offer more services, and could finally afford to take out some advertisements. Could I help him edit some more?

You bet I did.

As your personal editor, I will:

  • Provide feedback on—and edit—your writing.
  • Organize your book and help you develop a book proposal.
  • Help you expand your author platform.
  • Help you develop a powerful and effective promotion plan for your book.

“Both the stories you edited for me lately have gotten picked up. […] I need to send you all my stories, obviously!”
Andrea A., Coral Gables