My phone rings. It’s a man in need of a ghostwriter to unlock a tragic story that’s been troubling him for years, because it’s gone untold. I get these calls often.  This man previously hired another writer to help him with the project, “But the text is sloppy,” he explains to me.

His wife is on the line too. She corrects him: “It’s grammatically sound but has no soul.”

“We need a professional.”

That would be me.

Whether it’s a bored Manhattanite with a sordid tale of seduction who can’t find the words to bring her novel to the page, a professional looking to hire a writer to produce a technical tome that doesn’t bore the pants off a reader, or a man like this, with a desperate need to share a story from his life, I’m the ghost who can get things done—the cipher who can exorcise the book you’ve been haunted by and turn the book of your imagination into a reality.

He hires me for Chapter 1. “To test the waters,” he says. He pays. I write. His wife reads the first chapter; it gives her insomnia. On the phone, she’s bawling. Chapter 1 put them both on their knees; it brought them back to the night of the incident that changed their lives forever.

“You have soul,” he tells me.

My new client hires me for the remaining chapters. Both my client and his wife are happy. I’m happy too.

As your ghostwriter, I will:

  • Conduct interviews and research to learn all about you and your project.
  • Plan and outline your project.
  • Ghostwrite original content (manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, letters, articles, songs, blog posts, stories, etc.) based on interviews or research.
  • Revise the writing per your feedback and guidance.
  • Edit the text meticulously to ensure it is free of error.
  • And… you get all the credit!

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